website administration

Website Administration refers to the process of looking after a completed website and doing any necessary maintenance or updates. Often clients want to put additional content onto their website to keep it up to date.

Most large organizations have an Information Technology Department that handles things such as website administration and maintenance. We can provide you with the same service as an in-house employee at a fraction of the cost.

When we ask our clients why they are leaving their existing website administration provider, the answer that we get is almost always the same: “Updates always take too long!!”

Here at Night Phoenix Enterprises, we understand that timely website updates are the foundation of a good user experience. Even the most casual internet user expects websites to reflect accurate and up to date information. That is why we guarantee a maximum 48 hour processing time on all standard updates. Oftentimes we can even complete your request the same day!

Hosting and Administration is provided for free for the first 6 months with every new website design. We use this period to make sure that everything is up to par with your website, before proceeding with our normal rate of $35/month.